Welcome to Academic Clean-Up at Oracle!! The goal of this program is to help our students stay on track academically. Teachers will be using this program to ‘book’ students for extra time after school (3:15-4:00) Tuesdays – Fridays each week. The after school time is meant to be purposeful, with focus given to students who are missing work, struggling with work, or who demonstrate the need for extra review time on specific content. Below are some key things you should know about this program:


·         A School Reach (automated) phone call will go out on every Monday at 4:00 pm to inform you if your child has been pulled that week.

·         Students will also be informed of their  scheduled time daily during advisory

·         If you would like specific information about which teacher/subject pulled your child you may email academiccleanup@oraclecharterschool.org for more information

·         If a student does not show up for their scheduled time, an additional call will go out to inform you

·         If you would like to request your child to receive extra help in a subject you may fill out the Parent Request form, located in the ‘Parent Request’ tab of this website. More information on Parent Requests can be found there.

·         Academic Clean-Up will trump other extra-curricular activities. Students will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities if they have been scheduled for clean-up.

·         Not being booked for clean-up does not necessarily mean that a student is being successful in a course, students should still check in with their teachers regularly to inquire about grades/missing work